Stephallen Custom Works

High-end modern style custom guitar. Headless, 7 strings, synth, we have them all!
Stephallen has been known as Indonesia’s best guitar brand. The Custom Work line-up focuses not only on quality and playability but also on the beauty and uniqueness of a true custom guitar.
Our prices starts at €1495 including shipping within EU.

Stephallen Custom Apoda
The apoda design philosophy is inspired by the greater bird of paradise (paradisaea apoda). It’s unique body streamline ensures not only comfort during playing but also it’s overall beauty. Our newly designed Shereneck™ neck profile gives you the ultimate playability: comfort, speed, and accuracy.
The Apoda is available in 6,7, or 8 strings with optional multiscale, true temperament fretboard, and tremolo.

Body: Layered wood (rosewood-pine-mahogany-mindi) with manggo top
Finish: Rustic oil finish
Neck:  Rosewood with rosewood compound radius fingerboard, 24 frets
Profile: Asymmetric Shereneck™.
Pickups: Custom wound 4 Seasons Pickups
Electronics: Bourns Pot, Orange Drop Cap, 3 Way Switch
Hardware: ABM Guitar Parts GmbH
Total weight: 3.3kg (7.3lbs)

Pictures made by Dirk van den Heuvel