Stephallen Custom Works: Reza Ryan – Giant Steps

Reza Ryan, award winning guitarist of I Know You Well Miss Clara is back with his rendition of Coltrane’s Giant Steps.

The signal chain is pretty straight forward: the Apoda Reza Ryan signature guitar to his signature fx Trooper Marsavishnu connected directly to his custom Trooper amp.


RDK Custom Work: Olympic White ’70s Stratocaster for Franz Komsan Vor

Check out our latest stratocaster build for Franz Komsan Vor.

RDK Olympic White ’70s Stratocaster
Body: Paulownia
Neck: Reversed RDK ’70s style headstock, maple neck, maple fingerboard, 21 frets
Profile: Slightly asymmetric v
Pickups: Custom wound 4 seasons pickups
Electronics: Bourns potentiometers, orange drop cap, and BQmusic V12 tone control
Hardware: Wilkinson vintage tuner and bridge
Strings: Gallistrings RS1149
Total weight: 5lbs (2,3kg)


RDK Olympic White Strat: Brian Bordes – Manic Depression And Other Funky Stuff!

Tuesday, new video day! This time Brian is rocking the RDK Olympic White Strat. We were fooling around with the TC Electronic Viscous Vibe loaded with Moisture Vibe toneprint, which I think is the best toneprint for the pedal. It smells like Hendrix!

Recording setup: iPhone and a Shure Motiv MV88 mic for iOS.
Signal chain: RDK Strat – TC Electronic Viscous Vibe – Bogner Wessex – Bogner Palermo